Real Estate Flourishes Even More!

Bangalore’s real estate industry is doing better than ever and if current trends are anything to go by, it will remain that way in the coming years till 2018. Housing requirements have undergone a boom ever since the city emerged as one of the major IT hubs in India that employed a workforce comprising lakhs!Confident_112

Cushman & Wakefield (C&W), the global real estate consultancy has conducted a study where supply projections have shown about 56% of new units might be for the MIG, while 15% is for HIG, and 29% is for LIG. C&W has stated that the demand is increasing at an exponential rate and might be unmet in all segments. Top firms such as Confident Group are working hard day & night to fulfill housing requirements in the city.

The major issue that has cropped up is that till date, Bangalore was focused on MIG because of the large-scale mid-level IT workforce, but now that major companies are setting up headquarters here, it has spiked the demand for HIG housing as well. For instance, need for housing options for CEOs is likely to shoot up very soon. Requirements for urban housing are projected to rise to almost 13 million units at the end of 2018, after adding to the present unmet demand.

MIG will be responsible for the largest volume when it comes to demand, with the figure standing at a whopping 1.08 million units till 2018, with needs for LIG housing standing at 1.05 million units. The HIG portion of the housing will be at 0.52 million units, which makes it evident that MIG and LIG will consist of almost 80% of the total demand in the main cities. You can surely expect Confident Group to play a major part when the housing requirements are on the rise.


Confident Leo – One of the Ambitious Projects of the Confident Group

Confident LeoConfident Leo is one of the ambitious projects of the Confident Group. It is spread across a huge area of 1,29,500 square feet and is located in the Sarjapur area of Bangalore.

Confident Leo offers premium 3 BHK Luxury apartments and is a 12 storey luxury tower. Besides the conventional amenities, Confident Leo aims to provide many more additional facilities to the residents. These include a club house, a gymnasium with all modern equipments, a multi-purpose community hall, a basketball court, a tennis court, a meditation room, a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi and steam room, a jogging track and a park for the kids and a facility to play indoor games as well.

Confident Leo is developed on concrete foundation which makes it less susceptible to natural calamities. The high quality doors and windows are not only sturdy but also stylish in design. The superior quality flooring in all the rooms makes the apartments irresistible. The well glazed dado tiles at 7 feet height in toilets and 2 feet in kitchen above counter that makes maintenance less cumbersome. The classy 20mm thick black granite slab gives the cooking platform a trendy look. The sophisticated switches add to the beauty of the apartment. Adequate water supply, environment friendly sewage treatment plants, high quality sanitary fixtures solves some of the common problems. The intercom facility makes it a well connected community.

Confident Leo is well connected with some of the major IT Hubs like ITPL, Electronic City and Marathalli Outer Ring Road. Various renowned schools like Confident Gear Creative Leadership School, Delhi Public School, Green Wood High, Indus International School, TISB, Inventure Academy, India International School, St. Peter School, Prakriya are located quite close to Confident Leo.

Thus Confident Leo promises to deliver the investors a good return for their money by providing them with world class amenities at a considerably reasonable price.

Investing and Speculating in the Real Estate Market – What is the Difference?

Real estate investors and real estate speculators – it is easy to get confused between the two as the terms are used interchangeably and the one thing common is both groups purchase property to generate a significant amount of income instead of using it personally.

Methods of Operation:

However, there is a distinct difference in the way they operate:

  • A speculator looks at the short-term picture while trying to estimate the future return on an investment. Speculators are not restricted to one particular segment due to being active in others such as stocks, bonds and bullion, so they approach real estate in similar ways like other asset classes. To put it in a nutshell, if they are considering buying a Confident Group property, their focus is to purchase it at a low price and sell at a higher markup within a short period of time.
  • An investor looks at the bigger picture so to speak, by analyzing market trends and other property-related parameters for a more informed decision. If you look at Indian real estate, the short-term profitability isn’t the best way to move forward, and that is why an investor doesn’t contemplate on that. They might be buying other assets too but without in-depth understanding of those.

Returns on Investment: 

When a speculator makes a correct prediction, his returns might be enormous but is short lived. By ill luck, if the market plummets suddenly, he might lose all his money due to investing for the short term. On the other hand, an investor looks for stable returns on rental income and capital appreciation. If an investor buys a Confident Group property, he will always ensure a decent investment horizon based on the dynamics of the Indian real estate market where ups and downs have to be factored in while calculating profits, since the property cycle is influenced by population growth, GDP, policy framework and sentiment. The standard time period for an investor for plowing capital into a property, is at least 5-7 years, especially in the case of Confident Group properties in new locations as those take time to build up when it comes to basic infrastructure and spillover demand.

Thus it is quite clear where the roles of a real estate investor and real estate speculator deviate and merge as well.

5 Things to Remember When Buying a Luxury Property

Purchasing a luxury property is an expensive affair and thus before investing on a luxury apartment it is very important for an investor to do a lot of research so that he receives a perfect return for his investment.  Proper investigation would enable an investor to grab a good deal and find the right luxury apartment. Below are some of the things that are to be kept in mind before investing in a luxury property:

  1. Location- Location plays a vital role for any kind of property investment. It is advisable to enquire about the location and also check the proximity of the property to hospitals, schools, colleges. Also, it is wise on part of the investors to check the history of the area in which the property is located. Any luxury apartment owner would not like to own a property in a disputed area.
  2. High quality amenities- An individual who is ready to pay an extra amount for purchasing a luxury apartment is normally someone who is looking for world class facilities and does not mind paying an extra penny for the same. Besides the availability of various facilities like a swimming pool or a gymnasium, one must also enquire about the cost of maintenance and the frequency of the paymentLeo III_127_647
  3. The brand or the developer- It is very important to buy a property from someone who has had past experiences in delivering luxury apartments in the hosen location. Someone who is new in the field is less experienced and more prone to make mistakes than someone who is more experienced.
  4. Ample space- The primary objective behind investing in a luxury property is to own a spacious apartment and hence before finalizing the property it is extremely important that the individual enquires about the space in terms square feet area that the builder is proposing for the deal. One must not only enquire but also understand how much carpet area and built up area the builder is promising to give.
  5. Architectural excellence- It is suggested that before closing a deal, an individual should check and be assured that the apartment has a solid foundation. Investment in luxury apartments is a long term investment and hence the buyer must see beyond stylish designs. While designs are important, one should not forget that the construction should be based on solid grounds and must have the ability to stand the test of time.

About Confident Group

Confident Group

Confident Group, one of the fastest growing business entity is headquartered in Bangalore and has its operations not only across various states of South India, including Calicut , Thrissur, Kochi, Mumbai and  Trivandrum but also operates overseas including USA and Dubai & UAE. The major field of operation includes: Infrastructure, Hospitality, Entertainment, Aviation, Health- Care and Education industry.

Confident Group has won various accolades like the ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System and OHSAS, ISO 9001:2008 for Quality management System and 18001: 2007 for Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series Certifications.

This emerging industry veteran has been implementing 122 projects, which cover almost 7, 51, 34,410 square feet area of land and construction across prime locations in India and abroad. The total turnover estimated from these 122 projects is as high as $1 Billion. Besides, this “Zero Debt” Group manages to pay off its entire expenditure completely through internal funding.

The eagle, the king among all birds inspires Confident Group and consequently its logo is inspired by the eagle. Just like the eagle is able to fly at great heights, while maintaining contact with ground reality, similarly Confident Group also aspires to be the industry leader in terms of growth and precision in the industry.

Dr. Roy C.J, founder and Chairman of Confident Group, is a doctorate in Business Administration from SBS Business Dr. Roy C.J.School, Zurich, Switzerland and before venturing into construction and real estate business, he had worked with major multinational corporations and Fortune 100 international companies. With nearly two decades of professional experience, it is him who has been the pioneer to successfully design and implement the 4 Side Ventilation concepts as well as the concept of concrete roads for the townships in Bangalore. Dr. Roy has ensured that the end users get the value for money through continuous innovation and providing them with world class apartments, townships and villas. Dr. Roy has not only ensured quality development and implementation in the construction industry but also in the hospitality industry. It is because of his vision and dedicated efforts that the Group has now successfully started operating across other sectors of Education, International Retail, International Operations, Health-Care and Entertainment as well.