Evaluate the Risks Before You Invest in Realty Sector

Real Estate Investment RiskFor any person looking for an opportunity to invest, property or realty sector is the most sought after option. It is difficult not to consider creating an asset that promises a stable and good return on investment. But how safe is investing in properties? What are the limitations and the risks involved? Let’s take a look.

This is one type of investment that cannot be bought in small portions; investment is higher than other sectors depending on the current market price. The associated costs involved are also high in comparison to the other investment sectors such as equity bonds or creating fixed deposits or even buying gold. The pricing of the properties are dependent on the concept of demand and supply. The demands of the properties are always on the rise and help in earning additional income through avenues such as rents, etc. Supply of such properties will be dependent on the ongoing market pricing. Since realty sector and properties are durable in nature, the prices of the properties change as per demand.

When it comes to the risk factor, the valuation of the property needs to be evaluated properly. In some cities such as Mumbai, the valuation of the properties will depend on the current demand of the property. There are many places where it gets difficult to get a good property owing the rising prices and hence, buying such properties becomes a difficult task. The valuation also plays an important role since it creates a scenario of assumptions where potential buyers assume the future price of the property and take decisions whether to invest or not.

Undoubtedly, realty sector is one of those areas which is known to have a tricky financial component. Since the entire investment is through higher amount of money, the transactions are majorly done through petty cash, online transactions, equity shares and borrowed money. It is extremely important to seek legal and financial advice while making the investment and be aware of the policies. There may be many legal issues that may hamper the process of investment and buying/selling of properties.

Another risk factor that one needs to take care of is that of finding or sourcing properties that are in demand and are in process of completion and complete possession. There are many unused and unsold properties in the different areas of the cities that do not get sold owing to factors such as location, under developed areas, etc. It is always better to refer to the real estate agents in such cases.

It is better to evaluate all kinds of risk factors before planning any sort of investment in the real estate sector.


Common Mistakes Real Estate Investors Could Avoid

Investing in real estate has its appeal in a market on rebound. Therefore, it makes for a great option for a career or a part time job for many. Although it sounds quite easy, there is a fixed set of rules guiding the “Do’s and Don’ts” when it comes to real estate investors.

If you are planning to go the professional way, below mentioned are a few of the guidelines you could adhere by, in order carve niche out for yourself in the professional sphere of real estate investors.

  1. Not setting a plan of action- this is the biggest vice that a new investor may be faced with. It is never a good idea to purchase a property without being absolutely sure about what to do with it. It is a plan set in reverse course, and can never prove to be a profitable venture for one. If you buy the property and then fit a plan around.
  2. Making fast profit- in due time, one stands the chance to make profit. However, it is presumptuous to think that one will get rich fast.
  3. Work with the right professionals- it is hard terrain to traverse, therefore, building up a team of trustworthy and able professionals is a must for real estate investors.
  4. Buying high priced property- always analyze the ratio of investment made to the return while making your purchase decision so as not to pay too high a price for any property. You might just land up with one that would get tough to derive profit from.
  5. Do the homework- it is always advisable to do your homework in case of buying a property. It is not by fluke or sheer luck that one turns into a great real estate investor. You have to have your background research and study in place before going on to make any investment that would reap you benefits.
  6. Don’t rush into any agreement- rushing into any sort of agreement or contract without doing a thorough analysis or research is a big no- no for any prospective real estate investor who plans to make it big in the field. It is essential to take into account the market dynamics as well as the cost factor, all of which play a very dominant role when it comes to real estate. Merely making a purchase decision based on guesswork is not going to prove beneficial.
  7. Miscalculated cash- you need to be sure about your cash reserve. Don’t buy more than you can chew. Also, once you purchase a property, you need to take care of maintenance. Therefore, you need to be confident about how much you can spend.
  8. Volume tackle- you need to maintain a steady pipeline of investment options as you are in this for business. A mere one transaction at a time may deal you more harm than profit.
  9. Exit strategy- always; always have an exit strategy in place, to avoid facing loss.
  10. Estimate right- estimates your investment and profit to maintain a healthy portfolio.

An introduction to various real estate investments

We work long hours to provide for our bare necessities and one of those bare necessities include setting up our home. No one can deny that for most people, buying a home is the single biggest investment that one embarks upon in their life. A home is an integral part of our lives; therefore, it becomes a big part of our investment portfolio.

Real Estate investment - Confident Group

Investing in real estate is considered to be an “alternative” investment class in terms of portfolio investment. In lay man’s term, it means that real estate investment is considered a supplementary investment in addition to stocks, bonds and such other forms of securities. This tangible form of investment however, does not come sans excess efforts on its owner’s part. He or she needs to substantially investment in maintenance costs, as well as pay taxes and mortgage, if at all involved.

However, if you are exploring options to invest in real estate, it will be handy to know about the various options that exist that would prove to be worth your while. If you seek to make a high net worth investment, it is quite a good choice to invest in income producing real estate- an option that life insurance companies, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and pension funds invest in.

Investors purchase income properties such as smaller apartments, houses or condos, and then rent them out to tenants. This way, the property will be helpful in ensuring neat profits as return on investment. If you have to pay mortgage for your property, and don’t want to charge excess rent to the tenant, even then you stand the chance of benefitting in the long run. Once the property mortgage has been paid off, you could then go on to make a profit from your real estate investment, even after paying off the maintenance cost and taxes. What more, it is a long term, almost lifelong proposition- as you can go on renting out your property to tenants as long as you may want.

Like stocks and bonds, the valuation of a property varies and changes according to times. Therefore, it is wrong to assume the same profit off it at all times. Nevertheless, in most cases, the type and location of the property is extremely essential, when it comes to reaping profits from your real estate investment. It is good to note here that, different type of real estate isdriven by different and diverse set of challenges. One cannot simply assume that when one type of property is doing well in the market, a different type will fit the bill too.

Also, property may have fare good or bad in the past, and based on those lines, it is unwise to draw conclusions from prior inference that it will continue to do so in the near future. The real estate market is as volatile as any other forms of investment and investing in it is also a matter of taking chances, very akin to the risks faced in stocks and bonds.

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