About Confident Group

Confident Group

Confident Group, one of the fastest growing business entity is headquartered in Bangalore and has its operations not only across various states of South India, including Calicut , Thrissur, Kochi, Mumbai and  Trivandrum but also operates overseas including USA and Dubai & UAE. The major field of operation includes: Infrastructure, Hospitality, Entertainment, Aviation, Health- Care and Education industry.

Confident Group has won various accolades like the ISO 14001:2004 for Environmental Management System and OHSAS, ISO 9001:2008 for Quality management System and 18001: 2007 for Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series Certifications.

This emerging industry veteran has been implementing 122 projects, which cover almost 7, 51, 34,410 square feet area of land and construction across prime locations in India and abroad. The total turnover estimated from these 122 projects is as high as $1 Billion. Besides, this “Zero Debt” Group manages to pay off its entire expenditure completely through internal funding.

The eagle, the king among all birds inspires Confident Group and consequently its logo is inspired by the eagle. Just like the eagle is able to fly at great heights, while maintaining contact with ground reality, similarly Confident Group also aspires to be the industry leader in terms of growth and precision in the industry.

Dr. Roy C.J, founder and Chairman of Confident Group, is a doctorate in Business Administration from SBS Business Dr. Roy C.J.School, Zurich, Switzerland and before venturing into construction and real estate business, he had worked with major multinational corporations and Fortune 100 international companies. With nearly two decades of professional experience, it is him who has been the pioneer to successfully design and implement the 4 Side Ventilation concepts as well as the concept of concrete roads for the townships in Bangalore. Dr. Roy has ensured that the end users get the value for money through continuous innovation and providing them with world class apartments, townships and villas. Dr. Roy has not only ensured quality development and implementation in the construction industry but also in the hospitality industry. It is because of his vision and dedicated efforts that the Group has now successfully started operating across other sectors of Education, International Retail, International Operations, Health-Care and Entertainment as well.


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