Strategies to Find the Perfect Property Deal

As an investor in the real estate industry, one thing that you must be fully aware of is the changing prices and also of the mortgage rates. The rates are, on most of the occasions, on the rising side and increase depending on the varying prices of the materials, labour cost, etc.

As a potential buyer for an apartment, for instance, a three or two bedroom one with all other basic facilities, try to make a comparative study between the current prices and the prices in the past few quarters or years. If your idea is to find and invest in a property which will be given out on rent, the pricing strategy will be different. The rent for the apartment will include pricing items such as basic rental, maintenance costs, taxes and other factors like insurance and mortgages, if any.

To find the perfect deal for a real estate investment, ideally, you should go and venture out in the market actively along with an agent or an experienced person to help you find the best of the properties. Many times, it has been noticed, that some of the affordable houses are kept reserved for buyers who are known to the property owners or similar other contacts. You may also find such properties through the contacts that you maintain already.

Since the pricing of the real estate properties vary owing to its location, space, etc. you will need to chart out your investments accordingly. It is always better to decide on an affordable price range and the search should be focussed on finding properties within the estimated budget. Similar to the planning of the finances, plan out areas or locations where you want to buy properties. It will help you in further refining your search for the perfect real estate property for investment.

To avoid making mistakes, meet up with at least three to four real estate agents, preferably someone you know from your contacts or may have interacted with earlier. Look for experienced agents with a good contact base of real estate property owners and discuss your requirements clearly. Only after you are convinced, hire your agent and search for the best deals.

If you find a property fulfilling your requirements and also within your price range, engage your lawyer and agent in a quick discussion to sort out the other details. Stay clear in terms of the legalities, taxes to be paid and other similar issues. This will help you enjoy your investment rather than face problems later.


Why Realty in Bangalore is a Booming Scene

If you are a resident in the tech city of India- Bengaluru, then you must be aware of how lucrative it is to invest in a property in Bangalore. The city is a thriving hive of opportunities, more so, for real estate! And if you are renting spaces here, it is all but a good idea to make some fast and well calculated investment in a property of your own! The real estate scene in Bangalore has managed to inflate substantially in the due course of the recent years and it is all but naturally a good idea to make your purchase.

Here are a few major reason why it is a good idea;

  • Manufacturing hub- the tech city is also fast gearing up to emerge as one of India’s leading manufacturing hubs. A sizeable number of plants have mushroomed up in the land around Peenya, Sarjapura, Bommasandra and Malleshwara), IT parks (Hebbal and Marathahalli) and SEZs across the city. This is only going to add in to the overall weightage of the city.
  • World- class building projects- one of the many sights to greet you in Bangalore is the wide array of high end residential projects spanning the city. Many recent ones have popped up in around the area of Whitefield- a predominantly techie hub. Projects by renowned builders is one of the other reasons that makes acquiring properties in Bangalore an absolute essential. Availability of luxury properties and villas are a few options that is attracting people with extra disposable income. It has also attracted many NRIs to look for investment options in the city.
  • Namma Metro- the functioning of the metro rail services is another of the reasons why property acquisition is so high in the tech city. 6 out of the total impending 9 Namma Metro lines are now in operation, spanning the length and breadth of the city. Of course this has added in to the real estate value of the realty scene.
  • IT hub- the opportunities related to profession is quite abundant in Bangalore which is what makes it such an attraction for most students and professionals. This is in turn escalates the need for homes and realty ion the city. There is almost always a demand for property in Bangalore due to the steady stream of professionals/ students making a beeline for the city.
  • ROI- the ROI on real estate in and around areas such as Indira Nagar, Hebbal, Narasapura, Hennur, Yelahanka and Whitefield, makes it worth the while to invest in properties in the city. You could also let it out for rent/ lease and earn a steady income to pay back the premiums on your loan EMI.

So, if you have been vexed about making that investment in a property in Bangalore, be assured, it is not a plan set to backfire any time soon!

Search for Your Dream Home Online

Buying your preferred property is just that easy nowadays and at your fingertip- at the click of a mouse! Online realty-based websites have actually made things that easy for prospective house/ apartment hunters when it comes to matters of buying/selling/ renting house. Although still in its nascent stages, and has tremendous scope for growth, the market is also a booming one and has resulted in numerous real estate websites to cater to user requirement.

However, if you are in the dark when it comes to property decision making ad seeking tips on how to go about it, read on to find out just how. It is almost like a cakewalk, literally!

Research is the key

There is no question/doubt that a good, in-depth research can’t clear out when it comes to matter relating to property. Buying property is a onetime investment for most. Therefore, it requires due diligence. Never go forego the research bit as it can make crucial value additions to your purchase decisions. Have questions, ask! Clarify doubts. Independent forums like are there to sort out your queries by tracking leading industry trends.

Technology usage

Use the new and highly advanced technological features abundantly offered by the property websites to zero in on your preference. The 3D tours available on some, provide a room by room visit to the site of the property without physically visiting. Filter parameters to check the other basic requirements and compare market prices for similar property.

Rely on reputation

Always use a reliable and reputed property website in order to do the ground research. Similarly, it is wise to rely on builders that are eminent and are known to deliver on their promises. Check for licenses and permissions before finalizing the deals.

It is also wise to check whether or not the property is under any court dispute- to avoid future hassle. Make sure to check out basic facilities like water pipeline, parking space, if such are included. In case of a reputed maintain builder, your run lower risk making any ‘wrong’ investment.

Cross checking

Expired listings can be your biggest nemesis when it comes to buying properties. It is always a good idea to check them out offline also. Better check out sites that offers verified listings.

Valid deals

Many builders will pass off unsold inventory with offers in the guise of schemes to lure prospective buyers. Ensure before embarking and agreeing to such a deal that they remain valid at the time of purchase, to vet out the loopholes that might exist in order to trap unsuspecting customers.

Home loans

Details of home loans are readily available. Opt for the one that suits you best. The websites will help you with your calculations and compare EMIs to help choose the one most effective for you.

Fine prints

Yes, it is ultimately important to read and decipher the fine lines and only then embark on any transaction. It will only help in the end; offering information on booking amount, time of possession, facilities provided to cancellation fees if any, stamp duty and other taxes, online purchase of houses at all times.