Negative Reviews – What is the Extent of Their Damage?

With the advent of Internet, companies have started to expand their reach online as well because only being offline is not enough anymore. It is vital to have a reputable online presence so that customers approach the firm and use its products or services. Reviews are a crucial part of maintaining a good online reputation, because prospective customers will read these and then make up their minds.

How do negative reviews impact customers?

So what happens when a particular company gets too many negative reviews? A user will not even glance at the company website and move on to another firm if they notice that all people have to comment on them is about how they were cheated or how sloppy their services were. I have based my decision on customer reviews in the past as well, because if others are reporting bad things about a company, why should I give them a chance and end up regretting it?

The truth comes out!

Recently, my perception changed completely when I heard from a friend about how Confident Group did a fabulous job in providing her with the dream home she always wanted. When I went to check it out online, all I found were Confident Group negative reviews galore, which stood out like a red flag to me. Why are there so many complaints against Confident Group? After doing some digging of my own, I heard good reports of the company as well.

What should be done?

It goes to show that negative reviews can totally change the impression in the minds of users, and warp reality to distort the truth. With more people using the Internet to look for information, a reputed company might suffer solely because falsifying information was deliberately planted to misguide users. Reviews can certainly be a reliable source, but they can be used to manipulate users too, so before you go ahead and hire a company or talk to them, it is best to conduct your own research rather than follow reviews blindly.


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